Month: November 2012

World Premiere of Georgiev’s ‘Silent Light’ at London’s Cadogan Hall

12.11.2012. The world premiere of Martin Georgiev’s new work for 2 Pianos and Strings: Silent Light was given by Ivo Varbanov and Fiammetta Tarli, accompanied by the Isis Ensemble conducted by Jacques Cohen at Cadogan Hall within the London Festival of Bulgarian Culture.

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World Premiere of Georgiev’s London Songs on Bagryana Poems

11.11.2012. The world premiere of Martin Georgiev’s London Songs on Bagryana Poems, commissioned by the AmBul Festival for American and Bulgarian Music in Sofia, Bulgaria for the Stankov Ensemble was given by within the framework of the festival,

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Martin Georgiev conducting at Cadogan Hall, London

Martin Georgiev, Varna Philharmonic, Paulina Voices, Holst Choir, LFBC

Martin Georgiev, Varna Philharmonic, Paulina Voices, Holst Choir at the LFBC Opening Concert, Cadogan Hall, London

03.11.2012. Martin Georgiev conducted the opening concert of the 2nd London Festival of Bulgarian Culture (LFBC) at Cadogan Hall, London, with the Varna Symphony Orchestra, from Georgiev’s native city of Varna (home to the oldest international ballet competition in the world and the oldest golden treasure ever found.) The concert, titled Bulgarian & British Symphonic Folk Songs featured a number of UK premieres by some of the most significant Bulgarian composers of the early and the late 20th Century, alongside Vaughan Williams’ magnificent last cantata, Folksongs of the Four Seasons featuring theMartin Georgiev, Vania Vatralova Stankov, Varna Philharmonic Paulina Voices and the Holst Choir from London – both choirs been taught and directed by Vaughn Williams himself in his lifetime. All compositions that Georgiev programmed in the concert were inspired by Folk Songs and Sacred Chants and Carols, from Bulgaria and Britain, drawing fascinating parallels. You could read more about the works and their composers in the concert programme (here), and below are some videos from the concert, with just a few words about each composer. London Festival of Bulgarian Culture was founded in 2011 by virtuoso violinist and producer Ivo Stankov who is the director and producer of the festival which aims to share the hidden treasures of Bulgarian culture with the British public.

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