• World Premiere of Georgiev's Doxologies

World Premiere of Georgiev’s ‘Doxologies of Bells and Candlelight’ with Tatiana Koleva, Cosmic Voices, Vania Moneva, YPP at Varna Summer IMF

Photographs from the concert by Rossen Donev



The World Premiere of Martin Georgiev’s Doxologies of Bells and Candlelight for Marimba, Bulgarian Traditional Ladies Choir and Percussion Ensemble was given by world renowned soloist, choir and ensemble: Tatiana Koleva – Marimba, the Cosmic Voices choir and Youth Percussion Pool conducted by Vania Moneva, at the Varna Summer International Music Festival at Varna, Bulgaria. The piece draws upon the traditions of Medieval Bulgarian-Orthodox Christian Chant and bell-ringing, the tantalising and highly unique sound of the Bulgarian folk singing, and the fascinating and rich sonic pallet of the percussion ensemble (the composer being a percussionist himself). It is dedicated to the victims and those suffering from the sudden and catastrophical floods at composer’s native city of Varna and elsewhere in Bulgaria and the Balkans in 2014. The dedication was prompted by the tragic events which happened at Varna while he was composing the piece, as he was visiting his family in the city, en route to Sofia for the recordings of his Percussion Concerto No.3 which he conducted a couple of days later with Tatiana Koleva and the Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra.