Multimedia Web Presentation of Dr Georgiev’s PhD research now available

01e00fce26f9caf2ff9e48657bb6e088fa007bfc8dA multimedia web presentation of Dr Martin Georgiev’s PhD thesis, including the theoretical text with interlinked audio and score samples is now available online at the following weblink:

Morphing Modality – Multimedia Web Presentation (click here)

Morphing Modality is Dr Georgiev’s innovative technique for composition developed within his PhD research at the Royal Academy of Music, completed in 2012. (Click here for related news release.) 

Morphing Modality is a systematic approach to key aspects of the process of music composition, inspired by the technique of ‘morphing images’ from the visual arts, integrating fundamental principles from the theory and practice of Bulgarian-Orthodox and Byzantine Chant, and informed by music psychology, perception and cognition.

A very brief summary and description of the content of the research can be read in the Abstract – click here.